Our Services

Better Oz Cares

Services We Offer

  • Occupational and Physiotherapy services from registered and experienced therapists to treat your illness or injury to recover or improve your physical and mental well being.
  • Counselling to improve psychological, spiritual, emotional, mental, social and physical well being.
  • Nursing care from registered and experienced friendly nurses.
  • Dietician available to help assess, diagnose and treat nutritional problems, develop a healthy diet plan.
  • General house keeping including house cleaning, cooking, lawn care and maintenance, and moving house
  •  Personal Care from experienced and trained staff
  • Assisted travelled and transportation to doctors, specialist appointments and community activities
  • Mobility training – working with you to assess and develop a plan to improve your motion of joint and muscles
  • Accommodation and tenancy assistance – assisting you to find the right accommodation in your preferred location within your budget